Check out These Awesome Samples of UV 3D Printed Items.
You can purchase these items and you can also request your fav 3D items.
We will use our special UV reactive filament
and they will look awesome under black light.

Select the Custom Prints tab above and complete the form.
We're excited to 3 D print your favs!!

We are adding new samples daily. Check back often. Imagine the possibilities.

UV reactive 3D printed items - we can 3D print anything

Head bangers dinosaurs, and most any 3D image you like

Chess pieces with chess playing board

Chess piece are unique

Chess pieces are stackable for storing and transporting

We can design custom 3D printed key chains

Game for the whole family - please watch out, it's addicting

The Pillbug Hive game - The pillbug never goes on top of the hive.  

These head bangers are perfect for
stress release and a great conversation