Collaborating Opportunites with
Local and Renowned Artist and Photographers...

Send us a sample of your colorful artwork and photos to

We welcome the opportunity to work with artists such as painters, sculptures, crafters, photographers, dancers, etc.

If you feel your work or business would be accentuated by NEOS printing with UV reactive ink that fluoresces under blacklight, contact us and please email us a sample of your work. We will print it at no charge or obligation to you, and even provide you a blacklight, so you can see for yourself. Your clients and ours would enjoy viewing your work under blacklight.

We support NEOS and you should too. Please support our collaborators.

Drone Services Photography - Videography Live Streaming

Contact Ryan for all of your Videography, Photography, Drone, and Live-Streaming Needs 

Real Estate, Construction, Roofing, Landscaping, Special Occasions and more!

Authentic: Grooves is a performance-based dance collective. We are committed to eliminating preconceived notions about dance in order to tap into an uninhibited world and inspire the creation of art and dance enthusiasts. We do this through a focus on entertainment, education, and community.